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What is Sohodox
What's New in Sohodox
System Requirements
Bug Fixes
For users upgrading from Version 5,6,7 or 8
Introduction to changes in Sohodox 9
For users upgrading from versions earlier than version 5
Introduction to new concepts in Sohodox
FAQ's for users using doQuments Professional Edition
Getting Started
Managing your documents
Security Basics
Working with Sohodox
Where does Sohodox store all my data?
Home Tab
Tools Tab
Add a document
Drag and drop a document
Add documents from disk
Advanced File Addition dialog
Add a document to Sohodox drive
Add your existing folder structure along with files from disk
Find and Add documents
Drag and drop text from a document
Drag and drop image from a web page
Replace document from disk
Scanning Documents
For Users upgrading from version 7.6 or earlier
Scanners & TWAIN compliance
Scan Window
Image Editor Window
Quickly Scan and Add documents
Scanning (Detailed Step by Step Instructions)
Scan and add a single document
Scan multiple single paged Documents
Scan all pages as One Document
Scan documents with fixed number of pages
Scan document with variable number of pages
Scan a color document
Virtual Duplex Scanning mode
Import Scanned Files from Folder
Specify Document Title of the scanned document
Insert a page to a PDF or TIFF document
Save the frequently used Scan Settings as a Scan Profile
Merge two or more scanned documents
Replace Document by Scanning
Automate the Scan Process
Enhance Scanned Documents
Document Details Window
Create a New Document
Update Common Information for Multiple Documents
Merge Documents
Open a Document
Edit a document
View Documents as Thumbnails
Share documents
Assign documents to another user
Delete a Document
Email a Document
Email indexing data with document
Link one Document with another Document
Break Links of a Document
Enter Comments for a Document
Burn documents on a CD
Print a Document
Export Documents
Drag and drop documents from Sohodox to a folder
Print the indexed information of a document
Fax a Document
Enable/disable the automatic preview of a specific file type
Change the default viewer for a file type
Prevent users from changing file type viewer settings
Index Documents
What are Data Fields
Data Fields - FAQ
Fields tab
Create Data Fields for Document Types
Enter Indexing Information of a Document
Update Common Indexing Information for Multiple Documents
Delete Fields
Block Indexing
Document Types
What are Document Types
Document Types - FAQ
Create a Document Type
Modify a Document Type
Add documents to a Document Type
Drag and Drop Documents to a Document Type
Set a Document Type of a Document
Delete a Document Type
What are Folders
Folders - FAQ
Create a new Folder
Create a Sub-Folder
Drag and Drop a Folder
Clone a Sohodox Folder structure
Drag and Drop Documents to a Folder
Search a Folder
Export a Folder
Restrict Users form viewing your Folders
Add documents to a Folder
Add a document to multiple folders
Add existing folder structure to Sohodox
Add folder structure along with files from disk
Change the Folder of a Document
Delete a Folder
Rename a Folder
What are Tags
Tags - FAQ
Create a Tag
Tag a Document
Tag Multiple Documents Together
Drag and Drop Documents to a Tag
Add Documents to a Tag
Remove Tag from a Document
Remove Tag from Multiple Documents
Search a Tag
Delete a Tag
Merge Tags
Rename a Tag
Dropbox Integration
Enable Dropbox Integration
Add Sohodox documents to Dropbox
Remove Sohodox documents from Dropbox
Add documents to Sohodox via Dropbox
Update Dropbox with a file modified in Sohodox
Update Sohodox with a file modified in Dropbox
Sync the Dropbox tag in Sohodox
Sohodox & Dropbox in a multi-user scenario
Search for a document
Find document quickly
Select fields to include in the Quick Search
Narrow down the Search Result
Document Full Text Search
Learn about Document Full Text Search
Document Full Text Search - FAQ
Extract Text from Document
View the Extracted Text of a Document
Save the Extracted Text
Search for text in a document
Automatically Extract text from documents
OCR document that contains text in a different language
Change the preferred indexing method
Save a Search criteria
Prompt user for the condition value when applying a saved search
Print the Search Results along with the Query Conditions
Export the Search Result
Import the Exported Search Result
What is Annotation?
Underline Words or Sentences on a document
Highlight Words on a document
Mark Area using Rectangles and Circles
Add Sticky Notes on a documents
Place a Bookmark on a document
Place a watermark on a document
Place a Stamp on a document
Place a Signature on a document
Annotate the Document permanently
Print Document along with the Annotations
Templates, Themes, Profiles
Create a Document Template
Create a Stamp Template
Create a Signature Template
Create Scan Profiles
Create an Export Profile
Create Destination Profiles
Create a theme
Sohodox DB
What is a Sohodox DB?
Multi-User Config File
Sohodox DB- FAQ
Advantages of using SQL Server Standard over SQL Express
Create a new DB
Convert your Sohodox DB to MS SQL Server Express based DB
File Stores
Learn about File Stores
Add a new File Store
Change the Default File Store
Move File Store to another location
Configure Sohodox DB for multi-machine environment
Learn about Users
Create a User Account
Lock a User account
Deactivate a User Account
Disconnect an Active User
Set Password Policies for Users
Export and Import data
Export Data
Export data to a CSV file
Export data to a HTML file
Export data to a Excel file
Export data to a XML file
Save the frequently used Export settings
Use a Export Profile to Export Data
Export document to CD/DVD
Import Data
Import data from a CSV file
Import data from Paperport
Local Capture Folder
Backup and Restore
Backup and Restore Utility
Manually backup a Sohodox DB
Manually restore a backed-up DB
Customizing Sohodox
Options Window
Change Sohodox Main View layout
Customize List View Pane
Hide Details pane
Specify the node to be selected on startup
Sohodox Companion Apps
Sohodox Server
Sohodox Mobile App
Capture Folders
Sohodox Drive
Sohodox Virtual Printer
Sohodox Send To
Sohodox Login Manager
Report Generator
Manage Email in Sohodox
Command line options

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