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Sohodox now lets you to put a stamp on your documents. Currently there are only 2 stamps  available in Sohodox i.e. Approve and Reject which can be used for approval and rejection of documents. More stamps will added to the existing list in the near future.

To Place a Stamp on a Document:

1.Select the document to insert a stamp. The document will now be displayed in the Document Details pane.
2.Click the Stamp button on the Annotation toolbar. The Stamp Type box will now be launched.
3.Select a stamp from the list and click the OK button.
4.Drag the pointer on the document to insert the stamp. You can resize the size of the stamp by dragging it.


Please note that stamps are not permanently imprinted on the document, it can be deleted or moved. To delete a stamp, select it and hit the Delete button on the keyboard or click the Delete button on the Mini toolbar.
You can make a stamp permanent by burning it on the documents. To do this click the Burn button on the Mini toolbar. Please note if you burn a colored annotated object on a Black & White document, the annotated object will be burnt in black color.
You can create a stamp as per your requirement, for more info see, Create a Stamp

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