Hilight Words or Sentences on a document

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Sohodox allows you to hilight important words or sentences on a document just as you would use a Hilighter marker on your paper documents. Use the Hilight button on the Annotation toolbar to hilight texts.

To Hilight Words or Sentences:

1.Select the document that you want to annotate. The document will now be displayed in the Document Details pane.
2.Click the Hilight button on the Annotation toolbar.
3.Drag the pointer on that part of document that you want to hilight. That's it.
4.You can also change the Hilight area's color. To do this...
a)Select the hilighted area and move your mouse over it. You will now get a Mini toolbar.
b)Select a color by clicking the Color button .


Please note the words or sentences hilighted by you on the document are not permanently imprinted on it, it can be deleted or moved. To delete the drawn image, select it and hit the Delete button on the keyboard or click the Delete button on the Mini toolbar.
You can make the lines permanent by burning it on the documents. To do this click the Burn button on the Mini toolbar. Please note if you burn a colored annotated object on a Black & White document, the annotated object will be burnt in black color.

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