Papers for legal forms, agreements, contracts and disclosures and every real estate transaction crowd a real estate office. The US Real Estate Commission requires you to store every piece of paper for subsequent 5 years. Additionally, these papers are important in various legal proceedings.

Digitizing makes managing paperwork easy. SOHODOX is made to help real estate business arrange their electronic documents so they can be accessed easily and swiftly.

Benefits that a Realtor can acquire from SOHODOX

Build Better Relations with your Clients

Clients have gone digital too. They submit documents in digital form and expect digital copies from you too. SOHODOX helps you create the best digital realtor office.

Save on Storing Space

You can free up document storage space in your office with the help of SOHODOX. You also save on rent or free up space in office that can be used for other purposes.

Free up more Time

With SOHODOX you can now find your documents swiftly. So, you and your employees get more time to do the essentials. Say, no more wasting time in the storage room.

Swiftly Pull up Documents

SOHODOX has a powerful search engine that sweeps through tags, file titles and even the documents’ content itself to find what you’re looking for.

Digitize and attain benefits in the industry

Safety Assured

Safety factor of digital copies is stronger. SOHODOX not only gives you backups but also, keeps your documents secure from unauthorized access. Even if the building in which all your documents are stored catches fire, your digital documents would yet remain safe.

Transferring Documents Digitally

Imagine an industry that completely relies on deeds and contracts being transferred through an electronic medium. That is where the real estate industry is headed as more and more realtors adopt the digital medium.

With SOHODOX, you can stop worrying about losing any crucial document for years and years! and ultimately improve the way you handle your realtor business.

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