As a general practitioner, you can’t afford to lose any document. Prescriptions and patient’s health records have to be well maintained. This helps you keep in line with Health and Social Care Act and FDA rules. A digital document management software like SOHODOX is perfect for your general practitioner needs.

How can SOHODOX help you improve your clinic’s quality of service?

Quick Learn and Great Support

SOHODOX interface is similar to Microsoft Outlook and it has features like drag and drop, SOHODOX Drive and Folder Capture which make it user-friendly. SOHODOX team has a quick and effective support in place.

Safe Storage

SOHODOX offers safe storage so you don’t lose your documents even when there is a fire or natural disaster. You can easily back up your SOHODOX repository or even upload your SOHODOX repository onto DropBox.

Manage Patients Better

Digital documentation allows you to add a patient’s history and medical records easily to SOHODOX repository. You can easily keep a track of your emails with your service providers as well as your patients, as SOHODOX can integrate with your email.

SOHODOX will digitize and organize all your files!

Digitize Easily

SOHODOX’s built-in OCR capabilities make it easy to scan and transfer data onto SOHODOX repository. All types of files are supported by SOHODOX, including scanned JPEG images.

Rein in the Accounting

Managing invoices and bills can get quite messy. Whether it is handling customer bills or medical providers, SOHODOX will help you save all your accounting files safely in an organized manner. You can add a time stamp to these documents and annotations when you’re sending it to an accountant or patient.

Getting SOHODOX is a good way to quickly handle paperwork and improve your productivity at the clinic.

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