Why you should evaluate document management software

Can you imagine buying a $20,000 car without test-driving it first? The car would serve you for several years. In addition to its purchase price, you would also need to spend on its fuel, insurance, maintenance etc. You want to be sure that the model you are about to buy is the right one for you! Well, the same principle applies to…


What to do with paper documents after scanning them

Scanning documents is one of the first things done when using electronic document management software to improve your work processes. A major dilemma faced by small business owners is: whether to destroy paper based documents or to retain them; and if retain them, then for how long?

Once you have converted the paper based documents to electronic form, you should…


Being a ‘small business’ can be a big advantage

There is a clear distinction between small businesses and medium-to-large firms when it comes to size; but not so, when it comes to the line of business. Small businesses as well as large corporations might be sailing the same boat. That’s why it’s important to ensure that even if you operate…