Option to include metadata in email body text when you email documents

Previously whenever a document was emailed, the Compose Window of your email client would be launched with the document attached. The body of the email would be blank.

If the Document you are emailing has a Document Type, there is now an option to enter data from the fields of the Document Type in the email body.

This helps in the following ways…
1. Users receiving the email will have more information about the attached documents.
2. Users can search for the document in their Inbox/Sent Items based on the data rather than relying on just the name of the document.

When emailing multiple documents at the same time, the document type data of each document will be included in the email content.

The default behaviour does not include the document type data in the email. You will need to enable this option from the Options dialog. To know more, click here.

Alternative dialog for adding files

We have added a new dialog for adding files. This can be optionally turned on via the Options dialog. This is an experimental feature and will be enhanced in future versions. To know more, click here.

Merge Documents (PDF only)

You can now merge two Documents in SOHODOX. Documents being merged must have the same Document Type and only PDF files are supported for now. Meta data for the documents being merged can be combined in any way. In other words, metadata for the merged document can selectively contain data from either of the documents being merged. To know more, click here.

Note: This feature is currently in beta. Attempting to merge very large sized PDF files may result in an error.

SOHODOX Additional DB module (optional paid module)

Previous versions of Sohodox supported only one DB. You can now create additional DBs if you purchase the ‘Sohodox Additional DB module’.
If you would prefer to create a new DB per year or a new DB per department then this module is for you. If you have a large volume of documents this can help with performance.

SOHODOX now supports any edition of MS SQL Server (optional paid module)

Previous versions of SOHODOX only supported the Express editions of SQL Server. SOHODOX can now work with SQL Standard or SQL Enterprise editions via an optional paid module that can be purchased on request.
You will need to have an existing installation of SQL Standard or SQL Enterprise installed for this feature to work. If you do not have an existing installation of SQL Standard or SQL Enterprise , you will need to purchase this separately from Microsoft.