Version - 16 Jun 2009

Continuous scrolling available for multi-page document
You can now scroll through a multi-page document by using the mouse wheel instead of using the navigation buttons, in the display pane.
Add documents directly to the selected Document Type
You can now directly add a document to the selected Document Type.
Add documents directly to the selected Folder
You can now directly add a document to the selected Folder.
Add documents directly to the selected Tag
You can now directly add a document to the selected Tag.
Save merged document as PDF or Tiff file
You can now merge two or more scanned documents and save them as PDF or Tiff.

Version - 27 May 2009

Auto-fill feature for PickList and Lookup field.
You can now just type in the value (at least 3 to 4 characters) you want to select in a PickList and Lookup field and Sohodox will automatically find remaining portion of the value and fill it in for you.

Version - 27 May 2009

Improved barcode detection
Sohodox now uses a better technology to detect barcodes.

Version - 06 May 2009

Enhanced Command Line Options
You can now reset all the users profile or if you want you can specify a set of users, to reset their profile.

Version - 05 May 2009

Initial Loading performance improved
Sohodox now loads much faster than before. The splash now displays the current status and progress.
Clone Folders
You can now create the same folder structure that you frequently use in Sohodox by using the Clone feature. For e.g. Let say to you create a same set folders for each customer. It will be tedious to create these folders if you have a hundred’s of customers. By using the Clone feature you will have to create the folder structure just once and then clone/copy this structure whenever you want.
Command Line Options
You can now run Sohodox in maintenance mode by using the Command Line options.

Version - 21 Apr 2009

Display of PDF files using Foxit software
PDF files are now displayed in Sohodox using the Foxit reader. Now, PDF files will load much faster. Tasks like annotating PDF documents, inserting Pages to PDF documents added to Sohodox and modifying PDF files using Image Editor window will now be possible.
Compression available for few file types
You can now control the compression of few file types (like tiff and jpeg ) files by using the Settings option available for File Types in the Scan window.

Version - 16 Feb 2009

Export Folder Structure
You can now export Sohodox folders along with all the sub folders and documents to a destination on your local disk (retaining the folder hierarchy).
Import data to a Look up field
You can now import data to a Look up field in a Sohodox DB.
Drag and drop files to the list View pane
You can now drag and drop files from windows explorer to the List View pane.
Automatically delete files from original location after adding to Sohodox
You can now choose to automatically delete files that are added to Sohodox from their original location.
Send multiple documents in a single fax
You can now send multiple documents in a single fax.

Version - 02 Feb 2009

Maximum size of documents to extract text from
You can now specify the size of the file that should be indexed by Sohodox. For e.g. you can choose to extract and index files that are less than 4 mb in size by using this option. Please note that this option is only available for MS Access DB.

By default the limit of the file size is set to 1 mb. This means that files larger then 1 mb will not be indexed. For slower machines it is recommended to choose a lower value. A larger value will affect the performance of MS Access DB . This option is useful in a multi-user scenario where you can disable extracting and indexing of text on slow machines for large files without disabling full text search.

Scanned documents can now be displayed in Adobe Reader
You can now view the documents that are scanned using Sohodox in Adobe Reader.

Version - 09 Jan 2009

Replace from disk
Replace document from disk feature is now available.

Replace by Scanning – Coming Soon!

Version - 18 Dec 2008

Search Folders and Tags
You can now quickly search for Folders and Tags.