Version 1.75 - 11 Jun 2002

Updated the doQuments installation program.
Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 1.73 - 20 May 2002

Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 1.72 - 10 May 2002

Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 1.71 - 15 Apr 2002

Auto-Generate Values
Values for Small Text & Numeric fields can now be auto-generated based on formats provided by the user.
Sort and Query Data in the View Data window
The View Data window has been redesigned. Data can be sorted and queried using tools available on the new View Data toolbar. Data can also be sorted by clicking on the column headers of the grid.
Save Web Page Settings
Web page settings can be saved without having to create the web pages.
Reorder Documents
Documents in the document list can now be reordered using the new Reorder List option. This option is available on the Documents menu.
Completely re-sizeable preview panel
The preview panel is now re-sizeable both vertically as well as horizontally.
Support for preview of PDF files
PDF files can now be previewed in the preview pane.