Whether you are a plumber, carpenter or an electrician, your job should be to make magic with your hands and not to deal with paperwork. But every job comes with contracts, government letters, invoices and permits. Doesn’t that seem like a headache you’d rather not take? Let SOHODOX manage this headache for you. SOHODOX is a document management system that is built specially for small or medium sized businesses like yours. Tradespersons rejoice!

Let SOHODOX manage all of your paperwork

Organize all your projects well

The importance of organizing your project files lies in the ability to quickly pull up documents without any hassle. You could use a Multi-Condition search to find documents more easily. SOHODOX keeps your notes, job photos, estimates, receipts and invoices all in one place. Folders, tags and document linking allows you to organize these documents.

Access Documents on the go

With the SOHODOX app, you can access your SOHODOX repository even when you’re onsite. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Documents are never stored on your device, ensuring complete safety of your data.

Go Digital

Running digitally improves efficiency, saves storage space, saves time and greatly reduces printing costs. SOHODOX has an in-built OCR feature. Additionally, it provides support to any type of scanned file like JPEG or PDF.

SOHODOX benefits all small or medium sized business

Easy to Use

The interface of SOHODOX is similar to Microsoft Outlook, so you won’t be lost when using the software. SOHODOX Drive works with Windows Explorer giving access to documents stored in SOHODOX without opening the application. Folder Capture and Drag and Drop options make it easy to add files to SOHODOX repository.

Safe and Secure

SOHODOX allows you to easily make a backup of your projects so that you won’t lose any of your files. Multi-user ability ensures that your team can also access projects or client related documents. Private and Public folders allow you to assign which documents can have access by your team.

Your clients will be impressed at your professional and efficient handling of their job. Paperwork at your office will become much easier with SOHODOX. If you don’t have it, now is the time to try the trial.

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