Contracts, legal permits, official letters and court orders are just some of the documents you have to deal with on a daily basis. These documents are vital and you can’t afford to lose them.
SOHODOX is a digital document management system that is priced and built for individual lawyers and small and medium-sized legal businesses.

Easily manage your vital legal documents with SOHODOX

Learn it in a Few Hours

The interface is similar to Microsoft Outlook, so the learning curve for grasping how to use SOHODOX is quite small. An amazing drag and drop feature means that you can add in documents easily. Friendly and swift customer service deals with any queries you send them.

Pull up Legal Documents Swiftly

Whenever you add digital documents to SOHODOX, you can organize them using folders, tags, document linking and more. The powerful search feature even has the ability to run a full text search on your documents so you can find them.

All your legal documents are crucial and you can’t afford to lose them!

Access your Documents On-the-Go

SOHODOX app allows you to access all your documents on the SOHODOX repository. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. Documents are never stored on the mobile device so you can safely give access to your employees.

Safe Access to the Legal Team

SOHODOX multi-user feature allows you to assign users IDs to your employees. You can restrict access to which documents, files and folders your employees can access. This is vital in keeping within the legal Compliance Laws and Ethical Codes. Thus, ensuring safety of the documents.

SOHODOX allows you to manage your clients better and prepare the best case you possibly can, because you have all your documents safely stored and easily accessible.

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