The best way to manage all documents is to make them digital and use an electronic document system (eDMS) like SOHODOX to organize them. SOHODOX is built for small and medium sized businesses, making it perfect for you.

What can SOHODOX do for you?

Good Organization and Easy Access

SOHODOX features like folders, tags and linking documents allow you to arrange your files in a manner that’s organized and thus, easy to find.

Increase your Productivity

Thanks to SOHODOX, you spend less time organizing and hunting for documents. This greatly improves productivity at your office, allowing you to give more time and focus to manage your client’s portfolios.

Start Organizing Immediately

SOHODOX’s interface is similar to that of Microsoft Outlook and can be learned in just a few hours. With such a short learning curve, we ensure that you don’t waste any more time!

Never Lose a Document

With SOHODOX, you can create a backup or sync your data with Dropbox. This means that not only can you seamlessly use your files on SOHODOX as well as the cloud, but you can also ensure that you always have a backup of any document you need.

These are some of the SOHODOX Features that makes it so great.

Mobile Access

SOHODOX app allows you to pull up documents anytime and anywhere. You can show clients any document anywhere and anytime. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. What’s more, security is airtight because the app never stores the documents on your phone.

Document Support

Reports from your Accounting Software can simply be printed to SOHODOX via the SOHODOX printer and managed easily as PDF files. SOHODOX supports Microsoft Office files, PDF and JPEG files so you can digitize everything!

Access Control

Multi-user capability allows you to give your employees controlled access to documents.
The Private / Public folder feature helps you choose what files and folders can be accessed by your employees.

SOHODOX is really affordable for growing businesses. The functionality offered is perfect for small or medium-sized financial planning operations. You can improve your business’s efficiency by leaps and bounds by implementing SOHODOX.

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