SOHODOX is an electronic document management system built for small and medium sized businesses. As you digitize your documents, the software provides the best way to organize all your client’s dental histories.

With SOHODOX, you can set up your own Electronic Document Management System.

De-clutter and Organize

SOHODOX de-clutters your office and brings in an advanced level of systematic organization. It allows you to organize all you digital papers according to the date, client name, dental problem, etc.

Easy Search

With SODOHOX, you won’t have to waste time searching for your patient’s file every time she visits. A quick SOHODOX search and you have her dental issue history in front of you.

Cost Effective

SOHODOX is affordable compared to any other document management system.

SOHODOX will completely digitize your dental world!

Easy Access to Dental History

Dental history is important for giving your client the right dental treatment. Once, all dental offices go digital, gathering such information is easy and can be done quickly.

Better Diagnoses

Medical history plays a key role in helping you make the right decision for your patient.

Easy Transition

Since medical history can easily be transferred over to the next dentist, customers can shift dentists if they’re moving.

The US Federal Government has come up with regulations for all health-care offices to adopt to electronic health records (EHRs) as a part of the National Health Information Infrastructure. So don’t wait till it is too late; turn your clinic into a digital one now!

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