When it comes to document management, an auto dealership faces the challenge of staying in line with compliance laws like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the FTC Privacy Rule and the Disposal Rule.

These laws require your dealership to acquire the necessary documents and safely store them. It can become quite difficult when you have large volumes of documents constantly entering the dealership like financial documents, customer documents, manufacture documents and legal permits. SOHODOX is perfect for helping manage all your digitized documents.

How can SOHODOX help you improve your Dealership?

Tight Security

Secure multi-user access means only those users who have been given IDs and passwords can access the SOHODOX repository. Easily control employees’ access to documents by assigning specific documents to a specific employee. Also, files accessed through the SOHODOX app are never stored on your mobile device. Tight security keeps yours and your clients data under lock and key.

Organize Easily

SOHODOX allows you to safely store your documents so they are never lost and you can also find them swiftly. Folders, tags and document linking help you organize your dealership files. A powerful search function helps you pull up files on the spur of the moment.

Affordable and Functional

SOHODOX offers simplicity and functionality at an affordable price overshadowing its competitors that offer document management software for car dealerships. The same amount of functionality that is found with any expensive and complex document management software can be found with SOHODOX.

SOHODOX is an Excellent Document Management System!

Better Handle all your Financial Documents.

All your financial documents are in one place allowing you to quickly access files when dealing with customers or financial institutions. In this way, you can better manage your customers and financial institutions.

Manage your Inventory

You can store your inventory files on SOHODOX repository. Once you backup your SOHODOX repository, your inventory files are completely safe. SOHODOX sharing features allow employees to access and update inventory files. Better maintain your vehicle and accessory inventory whether it is online or on the dealership floor with SOHODOX.

If you are searching for an excellent document management system then look no further than SOHODOX. Along with all these features, you also get first-rate support from the SOHODOX team, who are willing to help you with the software for your dealership business.

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