Digitization can declutter your office, while helping you better in line with various compliance laws. The challenge then becomes to manage your vast amount of digital accounting files. SOHODOX is a document management software that is built for small and medium-sized businesses.

What can SOHODOX do for you?

Collaborate with Employees

If you’re operating an accounting firm, then you might have to provide SOHODOX access to your employees as well; by assigning user IDs and passwords for your employees. You can not only share files to your employees through SOHODOX without email attachments, but also, restrict their access to particular files, using private and public folders.

Never lose or Misplace your document

After adding your accounting files to SOHODOX, you will never lose them! Organizing capabilities of SOHODOX ensures that all your documents are stored in a way that makes it easy to find them. Creating a backup of your files is easy and Dropbox integration allows you to store files onto the cloud.

Digitize everything

You can digitize every single thing, like receipts, invoices and accounts books to better manage them. SOHODOX has an in-built OCR that makes it easy to import scanned text and images.

Various Accountant Features that can amaze you!

Email Capture & Annotation

Email capture feature pulls email attachments like bills, invoices and accounting documents into your SOHODOX repository. Other accountants can also add comments on documents using the annotation feature.


SOHODOX has the ability to integrate with other platforms. Folder capture feature ensures that SOHODOX is updated as you add more files to your various Windows folders. With SOHODOX mobile phone app, you can access, view, delete and manage your files using your smartphone.

These are just some of the features that will help your accounting process. More than a document management software, SOHODOX offers a way to get through paperwork swiftly and improve the productivity at the office.

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