Case Study: Sohodox Helps Manage Personal Documents in a Professional Way

The advent of internet banking and online bill payments has simplified our personal financial lives to an extent. There is one catch, though. It does not eliminate the need to archive your bills and statements for future reference. The same goes for most other personal financial transactions and similar activities. Take the example of tax filing. Even though you file your income tax return every year, you still need to retain copies of all relevant documents as a personal record. 

Managing hundreds of paper and electronic documents is a real challenge faced by not only businesses, but individuals too. Dean Rose readily embraced the efficiency of online payments; however, he quickly recognised the need for a ‘digital assistant’ to manage the filing of his personal documents to ensure quick and easy access. Read on to find out how he got on top of all his documents… 

The Challenge 

“I’m very big on no physical, postal mail,” says Dean. “So I save all my electricity, credit card and other bills and statements as PDF files on my computer’s hard drive.”  Even though Dean was more organized than most people are, if he wanted to look for a particular expense item, he still had to navigate through the bill type, the year, the month and then open the bill and locate the item he was looking for – clearly a cumbersome process. “It was an antiquated way to find documents. So I decided to look for a solution that could cater to all my document management requirements.”

The Solution 

After searching for “document management software” on Google, Sohodox personal document management software from ITAZ Technologies appealed to Dean. He took a trial of Sohodox and viewed the demo videos and screenshots, and was soon convinced that Sohodox was what he needed. “The interaction in the videos showed how easy it was to use the product,” says Dean. “I typically charge all my consumables to one credit card throughout the month. In fact, my credit card statement can run into 2-3 pages.” Dean says the full text search feature enables him to find any item from any month – he can just type the vendor name in the search box and get a list. “Previously, I would have to search for the vendor in each PDF to find the particular purchase I was looking for. So using Sohodox has saved me a lot of time and headaches.” 

“Sohodox is the best document management software created for ease of use by providing a very powerful and flexible functionality. Highly recommended.” - Dean Rose

The Outcome

What Sohodox has done for Dean Rose can be best described in one word: Simplified. When we asked him which 3 features he liked the most, Dean was quick to list them: “Search function; the ability to retain your folder structure while importing existing documents; and the folder monitor feature. I didn’t think I would use it but now I use it a lot – to save email PDF attachments to a folder.”

Dean found Sohodox easy to buy and install. And he is still exploring some of the many features that Sohodox offers. Dean went on to say “as far as I am concerned Sohodox personal document management software is an indispensable document management software solution that any individual who wants to manage their personal documents efficiently should use.”

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About Dean Rose

Dean Rose works as Technical Project Manager at NICE Systems in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Dean uses Sohodox to manage his personal documents.

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