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  • Sohodox Drive appears like any other drive in Windows Explorer and the File Open box.Sohodox Drive
  • Capture folders are special folders which allow you to quickly add documents to Sohodox without opening the Sohodox Desktop Client.Capture Folder
  • Sohodox Mobile App is available for Android and iOS based mobile devices. With a , simple, beautiful and responsive user interface, the app makes navigation quick and easy.Mobile Apps
  • Sohodox Virtual Printer lets you print any file from any Windows application and save it as a PDF file in Sohodox.Virtual Printer
  • Sohodox works with SQL Server Express 2012 Edition.SQL Server Express Support
  • Using the Send To Sohodox option, you can quickly add files to Sohodox without opening the Sohodox Desktop Client.Sent To
  • Sohodox allows you to add pre-scanned files to the Sohodox Scan window. Once these files are added in your library, Sohodox will treat these files as if they were received via a scanner and will let you perform additional powerful operations such combining them into multi-page PDF files via separator pages.Import from Folders in Scan window
  • You can now add a Watermark to certain types of documents in Sohodox (e.g. PDF, TIFF, PNG).Watermark
  • We have made it easy for you to access your Sohodox documents from anywhere using devices like smartphones, tablets and even your web browser!Dropbox Integration
  • With the Virtual Duplex scanning mode, Sohodox can handle duplex scanning even with scanners which do not have built-in support for duplex scanning.Virtual Duplex Scanning
  • Sohodox lets you update common information for multiple documents together.Batch-updating of multiple documents
  • Sohodox gives you the option to automatically save the changes you made to the indexing information of the document.Auto Save indexing information
  • Simply select the area of the scanned page which has the text you need and copy it. Sohodox will OCR that selection, convert the selection into text and copy it to the clipboard.Copy/Paste text from a scanned document
  • Sohodox supports previewing of Word, Excel and MS Outlook emailPreview of Word, Excel and MS Outlook email
  • Sohodox now ships with a backup and restore utility which makes it very easy backup and restore your Sohodox DB. The utility support encrypted and multi-volume backups.Backup and Restore Utility
  • The Email Capture feature in Sohodox, downloads email messages from any POP3 mail server and adds them to Sohodox.Email Capture
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  • I needed a document management system as I have several personal information I need to refer to and I also run a property business.

    After researching several document management systems, I settled on SOHODOX a couple of years ago after I downloaded the evaluation copy and after seeing it perform. I had looked at other systems but this seemed the quickest and easiest to use for a new user and as I got more used to the system I could use the advanced tasks the program can do. It’s great for a new user as well as the more experienced

    I have been able to set up all my files very easily and began to get rid of a series of folders, I had been using as a rough filing system and setup these folders in SOHODOX. This was very straight forward and easy to do. Using this system, has enabled us to have a virtually paperless office and saved costs of having to file pieces of paper. Now each person can file their letters, emails etc. without leaving their desk or employing a filing clerk. It has made us more efficient and has cut costs.

    The support team and knowledgebase were there every step of the way and when I had a major computer failure which had nothing to do with SOHODOX, they were there to help me reinstall a new version and get it working with the database which I had fortunately backed up. Backup is simple and quick.

    I cannot recommend this system highly enough. It has really helped this firm to be more efficient and reduced costs.

    David Sloanes, United Kingdom
  • I file almost everything a client gives me to do their work. I had been using a very expensive program that I had to pay for every year. I looked at numerous file cabinet programs. Sohodox was the only file cabinet program that allowed me to add a PDF document to a file after I had edited the file. Other file cabinet programs add a new PDF file the next time you try to scan a new document.

    I am basically a computer dummy. Every new program I have to learn makes me fee like I am taking the CPA exam again. Sohodox support team was responsive and attuned to my dummy thought process. The support team was available online, on the phone and by remote access on a timely manner. Good job Sohodox.

    Bonnie E. Eyges, USA
  • Nice product. I’ve been using DoQuments* since early on. The changes in look, feel, and ease of use are really outstanding.

    Executive Director
    The Centre for Contemplative Dialogue®

    *Sohodox was formerly known as doQuments Professional Edition
    Steven Wirth
  • I decided to scan all my files to avoid the clutter of so many client files, plus the fact that many times they get misplaced in the wrong folders. The process of transferring the files from hard copy to Sohodox is still ongoing yet the program works wonderfully. When I have had hickups, I have been able to reach their technical support team via email, and all my inquiries have been resolved (except one where I have inquired about excessively long documents, and yet never got an answer after many attempts).

    Other than that, the product works great, and the support is in general fantastic. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to go paperless. With the automated OCR of every page of every document, you sometimes feel like you are in your own internal search engine locating your own documents swiftly and easily.

    Andres Montejo, Law Offices of Andres Montejo, Florida, USA
  • Sohodox is the solution we chose for our musical scores management. We were looking for a solution permitting the setting of a wide range of search criterias, for each score, such as country, composer, difficulty for a choir, number of voices, style,… We tested several solutions of the market, but none proposed the setting of multiple choice lists, except Sohodox.

    We used the evaluation copy of Sohodox during a month, and even more, thanks to the commercial department of Itaz, which gave us an extension period and a close spport to solve the problems we had during the evaluation period. Once the software bought, we wanted to install it on several computers sharing the same database. Once again, the support team of Itaz helped us, connecting to each computer and setting them to suit our need.

    In a way, Sohodox contributes to the success of our choir, the “Choeur de chambre Vibrations” located in France.
    Laurent Duperrin, France
  • I am an attorney and I have a need to store many .pdf files of cases from websites that I use in research, and to be able to organize the files in categories that are readily retrievable when I need to refer to the cases. I also had a need to archive old client files, emails, etc.

    Sohodox is a reliable and easy to use and organize solution for my needs, as it easily imports emails, .pdf files and Microsoft Office files like the files that I use every day, and provides for easy organizing using the folder system (which doQuments did not).

    It is a very crisply operating program–very responsive and quick acting–and the layout is logical and easy to use. It is a great help in archiving a mass of documents. The support response is always timely and complete. I enjoy using the program.

    Jay T. Grodsky, Kansas City, USA
  • As a Business and IT consultant, I amass quite a few documents, both internal and external, for daily use and for reference (actual/potential). Couple this with the record keeping requirements of a small business as well as a packrat penchant for household records and one is hard pressed to find a single solution that addresses all of the similar, but distinct needs.

    For years I used a competitor’s product (mainly since I did not know that Sohodox existed) and was not satisfied. Sohodox definitely changed my satisfaction level… it simply works.

    From my perspective, perhaps the greatest feature is the search capability (both simple and advanced)… I’m organized, but my conception of organization changes from week to week… with Sohodox I can use key words/phrases embedded in the document rather than document titles or file structure naming conventions or separately entered metadata.

    While you might never need it, during my due diligence on researching the product I had occasion to contact technical support for some rather obscure questions. I was always answered promptly and thoughtfully by someone who actually read my inquiry rather than someone who picked up a key word and pasted in a rote response.

    I can recommend this product to anyone with document management needs…
    Stephen W. Nazian, Fridley, Minnesota, USA
  • I have to write to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with the tech support at ITAZ. [Employee Name]* of ITAZ spent over THREE HOURS digging deep into my very complicated problem and fixed it for me.

    I am very technically adept and could tell that [Employee Name]* knew the software very well, even going so far as to modify my database files to fix my problem.

    The level of support ITAZ provides is really amazing, and makes owning this software (which I have since version 4, currently on version 7) a no-brainer.

    * Employee name withheld for privacy reasons.
    Steven Chiang, Hawaii, USA
  • I use Sohodox for scanning and exporting documents. It was half the price of the Canon software associated with my Canon printer/scanner and has worked very well.
    John L. Moncrief, New York, USA
  • I use Sohodox to file all my documents electronically. Whenever I need to find an important document I just use search. If I need a copy all I need is to print it. Tried various document management systems and found Sohodox to be the best, very easy to use and support is excellent as well.
    Kevin Carbonaro Malta
  • I use Sohodox to organize and archive all of my personal and business files in a completely paperless environment. I used many competing products for this purpose previously but was never satisfied. Most of the file management systems that I have observed or used in the past simply mimic the Windows file system with minor cosmetic changes. Sohodox, on the other hand, provides a rich user environment that allows instant visibility of your documents while providing comfort that the documents being stored are accessible and safe. I have better utilization of my files in Sohodox than I ever had with the actual paper with none of the hassle and storage cost.

    The support staff is professional and knowledgeable and intent in resolving any issue or question you may have. Once you make the commitment to enter a paperless environment you have to have confidence in the product and people who are developing and maintaining the product you are using for your file management system. I have such confidence in this company, its people and its products.
    Robert Groce Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA
  • Prior to Sohodox, we had a few filing cabinets full of reference material accumulated over 40 years. Since Sohodox, we have disposed of bags and bags of paper files which are now accessed via Sohodox. We are extremely pleased “with how Sohodox handles”

    – one of the very best of the software applications we have acquired over the 35 years that we have been using computers. Yes, we have had other “document filing applications” but none like Sohodox.
    A. Da Costa Canada

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