Sohodox is an easy to use personal document management software that manages your personal documents. The user friendly interface of Sohodox makes it is really simple and comfortable to understand and implement.
Store a lot of important documents as digital files.


Sohodox is a revolutionary document management software that is incredibly easy to use, yet packed with features. Whether you need to keep track of the documents on your PC or your scanned documents, you will be amazed at what sohodox will do for you.

Some of the features of Sohodox personal document management software are listed below:

Organize : Organize your documents using the powerful Document Types feature where you can save specific indexing information with each document (e.g. you could store Bill Date & Bill Amount as indexing information for each bill you organize with Sohodox). You can also arrange your documents in folders or just classify documents by attaching multiple text tags to them.

Import your documents : Importing your documents and folders easily by dragging and dropping them to Sohodox personal document management software.

Easy to use Scan : Scan documents faster using Scan Profiles in Sohodox . Scanning and file addition are no longer laborious and time-consuming!

Annotation Toolbar : It is easy to use and is packed with features. Using the annotation toolbar you can mark, highlight, insert notes, bookmarks, stamps and signature.

Search : Sohodox has a Quick Search box on its interface, which makes it easier for you to find documents quickly. Unlike other personal document management software SOHODOX comes with an advanced search tool which will help you to refine the search results.

Preview : The personal document management software also allows you to preview large thumbnails of documents so you know what’s inside without needing to open the documents

OCR : Capture text from printed documents, so that you can look for documents based on their content.

Email Capture : You can configure Sohodox to capture all your email messages from one or more email accounts and store them easily

Multi-user : You can create separate login accounts for others users so that they too can login to Sohodox and manage their personal documents.

Dropbox Integration : Sohodox automatically syncs with Dropbox to ensure that you have the latest copy of the document in every location. You can access documents via your smart phone, tablet , your home PC and even via any web browser.

Sohodox promises to be one of the most valuable personal document management software and you can download this 14 day trial version for free.