Folder Monitor: Automatically capture documents from multiple folders

Document Management Systems (DMS) have proven to be extremely useful for businesses of all sizes and types, helping them deal with many day-to-day issues more efficiently. With a DMS, you can easily and quickly access all information contained in your documents without delays, or missing or lost files.

However, there is one issue that businesses consider before adopting these systems. For your business to take full advantage of a DMS, you must be willing to invest time in archiving your files in a logical and methodical way.

The good news…in addition to offering powerful features to meet your data management requirements, Sohodox includes a great feature that makes the archiving task much simpler.

The feature – Folder Monitor

Keeping an eye on this reality and knowing that as a businessman, you need to invest your precious time in a range of other productive tasks; ITAZ Technologies has developed a strong feature for Sohodox to help you organize your files in an easier and much more practical way.

Sohodox has a tool called Folder Monitor using which you can configure the Sohodox application to watch one or more specified folders on your disk. Once the system is configured, whenever a file is copied to any of those monitored folders, the file is automatically added to Sohodox and becomes immediately searchable and manageable. All you need to do is add the files to the monitored folder and Folder Monitor will automatically add them to Sohodox!

Key Strengths and Benefits

Let’s look at the main strengths of Folder Monitor and the benefits you could get from it.

  • Full Availability: You can add files directly to Sohodox even when Sohodox is not running, thereby ensuring that every file added to the monitored folder will be included.
  • Highly Customizable
    • Users can specify on a per-folder basis a profile with basic information (such as tags, document type, title, etc.) that should be applied to the added document in Sohodox. This means that every newly added document in Sohodox will be classified according to the destination profile. For example, to generate a profile for Purchase Orders, you customize it with the specified tags, document type, and other attributes. Then you configure Folder Monitor, including the recently created profile information, to watch the folder in which Purchase Orders are usually stored. That’s it! Every time a new Purchase Order is added to this folder, Folder Monitor will automatically add it to Sohodox with all the required attributes.
    • You can also determine, at your convenience, whether the newly added files can be deleted from the monitored folder or moved to a sub-folder.
  • Facilitates Communication
    • Many applications – and even web sites – can save files such as reports, statements, etc., to monitored folders and Folder Monitor will add them automatically to Sohodox. Let’s say, you check your bank statement through Internet Home Banking and want to download the information to your computer. Simply select the monitored folder on your disk as the destination folder, and Folder Monitor will add your statement automatically to Sohodox.
    • While many scanners these days are TWAIN compliant, some scanners may not allow TWAIN scanning, making it impossible to scan documents directly into Sohodox. (TWAIN is a standard software protocol for communication between software applications and image acquisition devices, such as scanners or digital cameras.) Folder Monitor offers a practical solution to overcome this limitation. Let those non-Twain compliant scanners save their scanned images directly to a specific folder – you can just configure Folder Monitor to watch this folder. It’s that simple!
    • Folder Monitor is also useful with network scanners which put the scanned files in a folder. Folder Monitor can also be instructed to watch this folder and get those files added to Sohodox. 

A few words about configuration

Configuration is straightforward. All you do is enter the Folder Monitor Configuration area and add the required folder information (folder path, profile, destination database, action to be taken with the files, etc.). You can also specify filters to monitor or to skip monitoring certain files or file types. To set up a destination profile, the ‘Destination Profiles’ command allows you to select a title and other settings such as Sohodox folder, tags, document type, etc. That’s all there is to it!


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