5 Reasons to Use Small Business Document Management Software


The U.S. Census Bureau web site says that, “About three quarters of all U.S. business firms have no payroll. Most are self-employed persons operating unincorporated businesses.” This means the businesses need to have clearly defined processes in place for them to function efficiently. The business that manages its information well stays in top shape. Electronic document management software can go a long way in making small office operations smooth. Let us look at 5 reasons why you should use document management software like Sohodox, to manage your small business documents.

5 Reasons to Use Small Office Software like Sohodox


    1. Labor and time saving tool: Small firms cannot always afford to spend much time and effort on filing paper-based documents away in a cabinet and then fetching them every time these are needed. The stress is not so much on the activity performed as on the result it produces. This means any activity that takes too much of your staff’s time or requires them to divert their energy into performing non-core tasks, must be eliminated or replaced. Creation, storage and retrieval of small business documents is high up on the list of such tasks. Sohodox document management software helps save time and effort. This means your staff’s limited resources are well-directed towards performing only core tasks. Most of the routine activities can be handled by small office software. Even though your employees need to use such software, they will still be saved a lot of time and effort in managing documents when compared with the paper-based method.
    2. Growing business:There is nothing quite as soothing to the eye for any small business owner as an upward graph showing growth. But along with increasing revenues, you will also see an increase in customer records, government related documentation etc. Soon it may become challenging to retain multiple paper-based copies of such documents in the same limited storage space. It may become necessary to either move to larger premises or to go for small office software solutions that can help digitize your small business documents. Moving is definitely tougher as the increased rent that you would end up paying, would be a recurring expense item. It is better to opt for a solution that helps you eliminate the need to store vintage records in paper form. Document management software like Sohodox can help you achieve this.
    3. Protection from disaster events:In the event of a natural or other disaster, if your paper archives get destroyed and you have not digitized your documents, you could lose all your documents. Even if you have scanned and saved your documents, the software should allow you to easily back up your database online and recover it quickly. It should also allow you to burn your records to a CD/DVD that can be kept safe from damage. Sohodox small business document management software provides both options – easy online backup and recovery, as well as copying data to a CD/DVD. This way you can secure your small business documents from disaster events.
    4. Moving to a different location:If your documents are only paper-based and have not been digitized, you need to be careful while moving. Any damage during transit could mean permanent loss of those documents. This is when small office software like Sohodox can be a more-than-handy tool to manage your documents, as you can back up your data to a CD/DVD as stated above, just-in-case.
    5. Key employee attrition: Have you ever faced a situation when a highly experienced and knowledgeable employee has decided to leave your firm for better prospects elsewhere? In small businesses, such employees often take their domain expertise with them. Now if their knowledge has not been transferred to shareable media like paper-based or electronic manuals, you would lose considerable time training the person who replaces them. The new hire may possess sound product knowledge, but may not be well-versed with the policies and procedures that are unique to your firm. Capturing this knowledge while the senior employee is around can be critical to the success of your business after they are gone. Document management software such as Sohodox can help you capture their knowledge, the cases they have handled, and the analyses they have made etc. and store them in an organized way. New employees or even existing but junior employees can use this repository to update their skills and knowledge, helping them deliver greater value to your business.

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