What is Sohodox?

Sohodox is a windows-based document management software for small businesses that helps to quickly create a centralized, searchable database of all your documents. Keep documents private or share them with other Sohodox users on your network.

Why Sohodox?

Here is how you can benefit using Sohodox small business software:

  • Saves time: No time lost scanning, filing and retrieving documents.
  • Simplification: Single mechanism to manage both electronic and paper documents.
  • Collaboration: Share your documents with others in your organization.
  • Easy access: Access documents from any machine on your LAN.
  • Security: Share documents with others or keep them private.
  • Space-saving: Reclaim the space used to store documents.
  • Buy once, use forever: there are no monthly charges or subscriptions – once you purchase Sohodox, it’s yours forever!

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Sohodox features at a glance…

Sohodox is packed with features that make it a handy tool for small business management. Below are just a few of them…

  • Manage all types of documents, whether MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, TIFF, JPEG or AutoCAD files.
  • Comprehensive search capabilities, including quick search, advanced search and full text search, using OCR.
  • Multi-user access, to enable collaboration and help you get work done faster.
  • Secure information, through private folders to store confidential documents.
  • Email archiving, using POP3 email capture. In this feature, Sohodox fetches emails from multiple email accounts and stores them all for you in one place!
  • Batch addition, to help you scan and add multiple documents at one go.
  • Free 1-year support and upgrades to latest versions…and many more features.

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Across the globe, billions of paper documents are produced by individuals, small offices and large organizations every day. Many of these documents are read once, filed away and forgotten about. As the months and years go by, a huge amount of costly office space gets blocked so that these paper documents can be stored in filing cabinets on-site or on off-site rented locations.

Given the constraints that today’s businesses – especially small businesses – face in terms of time and other resources, a more efficient way of managing documents is the need of the hour. The answer is in having an electronic document management software for small business.

What is a Document Management Software?

Wikipedia defines a document management system (DMS) as “a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.” To help your small office manage multiple tasks with minimal resource allocation, you need a solution that does far more than just scan and archive documents. You need Sohodox…

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How using document management software helps…

The examples below will show how using a document management system like Sohodox can help in simplifying small business management.

Example 1:

A clerk working in a small sized law firm handles case files of hundreds of clients spanning several years. Every client has a unique folder containing sub folders and other documents. If the clerk wants to pull out a letter received from the client, she must work her way through the client’s folder and sub folders and trace the letter.

Had the firm been using Sohodox document management software for small off business, she could have simply chosen ‘letter’ as the document type and she would have got a list of letters to and from different clients. Typing the client’s name in the quick search box would list all letters sent to or received from that client. She could then easily find the letter she was looking for and preview it without having to open the file. Using this and other features of document management software for small business, most of her work could then have been done from within Sohodox itself.

Example 2:

A successful small real estate broking firm handling mortgages has a long list of clients. As the business prospers, the volume of paper-based and scanned documents managed by office assistants increased manifold. The firm needs to collate abstracts, W2′s, pay stubs and a whole lot of other documents, scan many of these documents and save them using the traditional Windows file management system. Office assistants keep exchanging files via email and instant messaging. Over the last few years, the firm has gathered several versions of tens of thousands of documents.

To ensure that the firm doesn’t suffer the consequences of an information overload, the proprietor tests document management software – something that every small business management must have in place. Finally, they decide to switch to Sohodox small business software as its built-in scanning software can scan and add documents in batches too and save them to pre-specified folders. Sohodox can be configured to monitor those folders so assistants know every time a new document is added. As every person in the office has Sohodox installed on their computer, all their files can be stored and managed from a centralized repository. Besides these, Sohodox document management software for small business has many other benefits that the assistants will discover in the days to come.

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